Here’s a recap of NX Hardware details

Nintendo NX

Here is what I currently know about the NX prototype so far.

(Note: it’s unknown how the final product might change.)

  • In May, I said Nvidia was involved with the system. (Source)
  • The screen is around 6 inches (6.2 to be specific)
  • The portable screen has a 720p resolution.
  • Multi-touch touchscreen (Haven’t heard anything about a stylus.)
  • 32 GB of internal storage is on the NX dev kit.  (They may increase storage to 64GB for the final retail unit, but I doubt it.)
  • There is an SD Card port.
  • Dock Station has at least 2 USB ports on prototype.  Not sure about final product.
  • NX will support Unreal Engine 4 and Unity engine
  • NX is below Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in raw power.
  • Dev kits and prototypes are region free. I heard retail units will be region free too.
  • Nintendo still plans to support the 3DS with software through 2018.

Thickness of the device

  • Update: I  heard the prototype was around 14mm in thickness. Maybe a tiny bit more than that. Laura Kate Dale heard 25mm from her source. Which is different from what I’ve heard.
  • Update 2:  Second source said thickness of NX prototype is closer to the bottom half of the New Nintendo 3DS XL.


Over the weekend, I contacted the talented Laura Kate Dale (LetsPlayVideoGames) and asked her if we could compare our NX prototype information. We came to the realization that we had the same information bullet point by bullet point, but our sources were completely different.

My info claimed that there was some kind of mysterious “sharing” button on the controller. I asked Laura and she had the same mysterious button on the controller. Some sources called it a “Sharing” button. Other sources called it a “Social” button.


This is how my source described the “Share / Social” button back in late July.

Share 2

Side Note: There have been conflicting reports on where the right analogue stick is positioned.

Laura’s sources believe the right analogue stick will be below the face buttons.

My source #1 says the right analogue stick is above the face buttons.  My source #2 says the right analogue stick is below the face buttons.

Conflicting Reports



Two sources confirmed to me that the D-Pad was split (individual buttons) in the prototype.

Multiple sources confirmed to Laura that the D-Pad was split (individual buttons) in the prototype.


22 thoughts on “Here’s a recap of NX Hardware details

  1. I really really hope the right stick is not below. The way it’s positioned seems like it’d be awkward to hold/control depending. It works on the xbox because there’s an offset for the natural direction of your thumb.

    Everything else sounds great to me (I’m assuming they won’t mess up the dpad going split). A little concerned about power, but it’s a “portable” device. I’m only concerned mostly because we don’t know how close Nintendo has really worked with 3rd party folks. But at the same time, if it’s not too custom hardware, then UE4/Unity will already be fairly well optimized.

    The big last question is… where is this sitting price wise. $300 is my cap for this, but I don’t think that price tag will draw people. They have the Wii U history to contend against. If it is indeed just the Shield internals and not upgraded, they should be able to lower it.. I’d think.

    The other thing I’d love is if it’ll work with all the Wii U peripherals. Namely, the Pro Controllers. I’ve bought too many Nintendo controllers in the Wii era 😦

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    1. I get that, but I feel that isn’t worth the trade off. We’ll see on final hardware I guess. but I just don’t see how that is comfortable in use. You’d have to hold it staggered or have a weird angle on your thumb.

      Connector pointing in different directions when detached seemed negligible. Analog stick left is a much more prominent thing to see.


    2. Hrm, I could have sworn I replied to this. But I would argue comfort for the single player mode is more important than symmetry of the connector when in 2-player mode. It’s easy enough to identify the analog stick as left-side.

      It just feels uncomfortable to me when I try to mimic it on the Wii U gamepad. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  2. At these specs and with all the other information, the NX HAS to be a replacement for the 3DS first and foremost.

    Sad thing is, at least up front, it appears it’s replacing a home console counterpart as well.


  3. $199 would be my cap for this. When it comes down to’s a handheld with the ability to be played on the tv (based on what we currently know).

    Now we can say it’s a hybrid and say it has added value..but the simple fact is it’s only added value if you actually want two devices..for those who just want a console or just want a handheld..there’s a bunch of stuff being included that they’ll have no interest in. It’s primarily a system intended to attract handheld users..and that being the case, any handheld that’s sold above $200 (outside of the launch window) will be doomed to failure in the west.


  4. Is there any news about the OS and built in software features? Things like transferring your Nintendo Network ID to the NX and being able to play all of your Virtual Console games that you already own along with their save game files. Also, twitch support or any kind of video streaming? System level voice chat? Easy access to join your friends playing online? Even with all of the rumors about the NX harware, I’m just as hyped to learn about the OS features!


  5. I have to say that if the NX comes out and is exactly what’s been described—no more and no less—I think they’ve failed to develop a piece of compelling hardware.

    They need to knock this console out of the park, to give consumers a concept that’s distant from the Wii and Wii U but also brings a fresh, unique idea to gaming.

    But conceptually, this is basically just a Wii U console and gamepad combined into one unit. I’m having a hard time looking at it and putting my finger on the “wow factor”. Where’s the hook? The same gaming on the go as you get at home, sure, but we’ve seen that before. It was basically the selling point for both PSP and Vita. And the success of full console experiences as portable games is fairly dubious to say the least.

    I think I’ll enjoy it and I would definitely be interested in a device like this one, but quite honestly this concept of the NX feels really… safe and uninspired. They looked at the Wii U and took the next evolutionary step; that’s all.


  6. Do you know anything about the back of the device? Even though it was big and looked clumsy, the Wii U gamepad is really comfortable to hold, but my hands get tired way easier when playing my 3DS, so the thickness news is weirdly a little unnerving for me. Additionally, we seem to have a fairly good idea of whaat the front of the controllers will look like, but what about shoulder / back buttons? Any idea if we can expect the possibility of analog triggers?


  7. I have a few questions concerning your hardware recap and some of the details mentioned about the Nintendo NX.

    First, wouldn’t the presence of a handheld hybrid cannibalize 3DS sales? If the system is affordable and accessible to a large audience, I have trouble seeing how this would be ideal. Why would Nintendo continue to support the 3DS through 2018 with software if they are focusing on the NX? The GM of Nintendo of Canada said that this fall it would be “100% NX”

    Second, why are you and others so convinced that the Nintendo NX is the only console they are releasing under this platform? How do you explain Reggie’s comments that they are developing a “home console”, which contradicts the concept detailed here.

    Third, I do believe that there is some truth regarding the device and its capabilities, but do your sources know how the dock is going to work? Does it amplify the power of the handheld when placed onto the TV, allowing it to be at least on par with Xbox One or more powerful? I can’t imagine the handheld being able to appeal to hardcore gamers if it isn’t as capable as they want it to be, which Nintendo has stated that they are targeting.

    Next, is the system still truly going to run Nvida? Nintendo’s use of AMD and DMP in the past would bring some to assume that they would have a partnership with them. If the Nvida Tegra X1 aspect is true, can you get more information on your resources regarding the compatibility of its architecture with others? Regardless of what others think, I am positive Nintendo is creating a home console, so if they decide to go with AMD for it, would games port easily from Tegra to AMD?

    Finally, is there a 3rd piece to compliment these detachable controllers? I know they have motion capabilities, but there are many people would prefer not to use them. Is there a center piece that the two sides of the detachable controllers can connect to in order to play games in the more traditional fashion.

    I hope you are able to get some insight on these requests so others can have a better understanding of what this device is going to be. I am extremely skeptical, but believe it can be cleared up with a few clarifications

    Thank you in advance.


    1. If the NX is indeed a hybrid console, then it is meant to replace both the 3DS AND Wii U. Of course all the successors will cannibalize sales their predecessors. And why not? The 3DS is already 6 years running–which is how long most console cycles last, and the Wii U is almost dead and far worse shape than the 3DS is. Having all the nintendo devs working on just one single console instead of two, is saving money/resources and the will be able to pump out more quality games instead of having more droughts. Not to mention Nintendo is combining the fanbases of the handheld and the console into one. It’s a win win for everyone. Nintendo releasing a separate console–especially a home console just isn’t worth it anymore.

      Other than that, devs still made games for the GBA in 2007. Sony supported PS2 for god knows how long, and devs are still putting games out there for 360 and PS3.

      Also, chill out with the questions. They are “rumors” from her sources until they are proven true.


  8. “D-Pad was split” makes me feel that each individual button can be used as ABXY, so that two players can use one pad to play games, for this reason, the photo on the left side may be the real one.
    Also for this reason, you may play 3DS games on this pad too. But, where is my LR buttons? Ahaha~


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