Rumor: What should we expect from the final NX product?

Splatoon Final Update

Disclaimer: Everything in this blog post is rumor until proven otherwise.  Please take everything with a grain of salt.

About seven months ago, I was told by numerous sources that the NX would be a very controversial system. Nintendo wasn’t interested in releasing a product that directly competed with today’s consoles on the market. Instead, they wanted NX to be welcomed as an additional console in hardcore gamer’s homes. It was even Satoru Iwata himself who admitted way back in October 2013 that Nintendo wasn’t very good at competing.

I have been researching and investigating the NX since January.

On May 13th, I shot down any rumors claiming that NX had x86 architecture or Polaris GPUs. I said the system was struggling to even reach Xbox One levels of power.

On May 15th, I asked NateDrake to send a message to NeoGaf that Nvidia was involved with Nintendo’s future hardware.

I don’t expect many things to dramatically change between the prototype and the final product. Furthermore, I believe NX will hit its March launch without any delays because it is ahead of schedule.

Disclaimer: Everything in this blog post is rumor until proven otherwise. Please take everything with a grain of salt.

Here is what you can expect from the final retail product:

  • Custom Nvidia GPU chip
  • Region Free (No region lock)
  • Six inch (6.2 inch?) multi-touch screen (Heard nothing about a stylus)
  • The touchscreen has 720p resolution.
  • 32GB of built-in internal storage
  • SD card support
  • Supports USB 2.0 and 3.0
  • The dock has two 2.0 usb ports and one 3.0 usb port.
  • The portable device is around 14 – 15 mm in thickness.
  • The right analogue stick (or circle pad?) will be below the face buttons.
  • Camera and microphone are not built into/inside the NX portable device.
  • Cooling is still a little noisy
  • Detachable controllers (motion controls and next-gen vibration technology) <– Everything Laura Kate Dale said in her article was correct.
  • Share / Social button that Laura Kate Dale posted is true.
  • There are *at least* two shoulder buttons.
  • Battery Life — Ehhh not great. I haven’t heard an exact number of hours, but it doesn’t sound great.
  • Below PS4 and XB1 in raw power.
  • Supports Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Engine.

Note: I am not saying that NX won’t have a mic or camera. I am saying that the camera and mic aren’t built inside of the NX portable device.

I’ve heard that the info in this blog post is close to the final retail product. Take all of the information with a grain of salt because this is just a rumor. Could Emily Rogers be right? Or is she a pathological liar? I guess we’ll find out soon!

Tiny Update #1 — September 20th, 2016

  • Toshiba, Megachips, and Macronix are all involved with the Nintendo NX.
  • Toshiba is the world’s second-largest NAND chip maker after Samsung. They also manufactured the flash memory chips for the Nintendo 3DS.
  • NX hardware is finalized. Don’t expect any drastic changes.
  • NX is now entering a very early stage of production.
  • Zero percent chance of NX being delayed from its March launch.


115 thoughts on “Rumor: What should we expect from the final NX product?

  1. I have to say i’m a big fan of your work don’t know how you do it! Keep it up i was rooting for you in the beginning and you were right! Also kind of laughed at the “Could Emily Rogers be right? Or is she a pathological liar?” ha ha.


  2. There’s a problem with your first paragraph. You say that your sources told you that the Switch is a very controversial system because Nintendo just wasn’t interesting in competing with today’s consoles (that includes the three-year-old PS4 and Xbox One). I would like your take on this: in 2017, creating a system that has the same power as those consoles is extraordinarily cheap, using the top-of-the-line best price-to-performance architectures of today. I think we both agree on that. So…if Nintendo wants to release a mobile device that’s even weaker than those two consoles (in 2017), doesn’t that mean that Nintendo kinda…gave up on the home console business altogether? I hope you’ll understand if I say that what they did is unacceptable. They can’t compete, so they stopped making home console-level hardware. There’s a difference between not competing directly and not competing at all. Pretty upsetting.


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