The Power of Simplicity


Now let’s all finally admit something right now. The Wii U was NOT convenient to bring to someone else’s home for multiplayer. There was way too much plastic that needed to be lugged around.

  • The Wii U game console
  • The Wii U sensor bar
  • The Wii U GamePad <— You can’t even use the system without it.
  • The Wii U GamePad AC Adapter
  • Wii Remotes for multiplayer
  • Wii Nunchucks for multiplayer
  • Physical disks if you didn’t purchase your games digitally.

Nintendo’s Switch should really be called “Nintendo Simple” since it’s a much more convenient console than Wii U. The Joy-Cons can be attached to the system so you’re not required to lug around extra pieces of plastic separately (like the Wii U GamePad, Wii remotes, or nunchucks)

People keep asking — “I don’t get it. What is so special about Nintendo’s Switch?”

Here’s my answer: Switch is the ultimate multiplayer console. A system that isn’t a complicated mess with a ridiculous number of unnecessary accessories and additional gizmos. Families have grown tired of their homes being filled with plastic clutter like Wii Wheels, Wii Zappers, Wii Balance Boards, and Guitar Hero guitars.

Nintendo deserves credit for keeping things more simplified this time around.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Switch Pro Controller  –  (Source: Polygon)

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a big improvement over the Wii U Pro Controller in every single way imaginable. Which is a big compliment because Wii U’s Pro controller was already great. For starters, notice how Switches’ grips are longer and more grip-able than the Wii U Pro controller’s grips. Secondly, Nintendo has changed the positioning of the right analogue stick and four face buttons (A, B, X, Y). This time around, Nintendo decided to position the button layout more like an Xbox controller.

Based on the short three-minute trailer, the Pro controller looks very comfortable.

On another note, I wish they would package this controller with every system, instead of making it an additional, optional accessory to purchase. But I do realize that Nintendo Switch will be pricey and bundling more stuff with it will only make it more expensive. With that said, I still think everyone would prefer using this controller, when playing a game on the big-screen television, instead of the Joy-Cons.

Anyways, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller looks terrific.

Nintendo Switch’s Marketing (So Far)

After generating over ten million views in 24 hours, the Nintendo Switch sneak preview became the #1 trending video on YouTube this week. The primary goal of any teaser video is to be a buzz creator, and Switch’s three-minute preview accomplishes that rather successfully.

But did you notice something about the three minute reveal?

We have ditched the awkward families and corny Disney TV comedy skits from the lousy Wii U marketing campaigns. We’ve returned to the Wii style of marketing that focuses on young social adults having fun. Yes! Thank you Doug Bowser, Bill Trinen, Steve Norman, and Damon Baker.

I’m going to repeat what I said back in 2013.

When Nintendo effectively marketed Wii to college students, the kids market automatically came to them, and they sold over 100 million consoles. Nintendo didn’t have to make dark, gritty shooters to effectively market the first Wii to young college students. The early 2006 Wii promos showed college students being social and looking cool while swinging a Wii remote. This convinced children that Wii was an experience instead of just a toy.

Young adults in the 2006 advertisements didn’t make the Wii look embarrassing or corny like the Wii U television families — they made it look hip, social, and interesting to kids.

Here are some Wii promotional videos to jog your memory. I am incredibly relieved that Nintendo Switch is returning back to the Wii and DS style of marketing.