Who is 1 2 Switch for?

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My biggest problem with 1 2 Switch is there’s nothing remotely relatable or universally appealing about it. It doesn’t have common, relatable activities like Wii Sports (bowling, tennis, golf) or Clubhouse Games (blackjack, chess, solitaire) or Wii Play (table tennis, fishing, billiards). These are activities that people understood right away regardless of age, gender, culture, and video game experience. Who is the audience for 1 2 Switch? Who would pay fifty dollars for a multiplayer game about milking cows, eating sandwiches, and catching samurai swords?

Is this game meant to be played at parties? Parties are usually loud and noisy. This is a problem because many of 1 2 Switch’s mini-games are sound-based. Playing Table Tennis, a mini-game that requires good listening skills, will be difficult in a noisy party atmosphere where people are talking, yelling, or laughing. This was something that I never thought much about until freelance writer Imran Khan brought it to my attention.

To make matters worse, none of the mini-games shown so far have the longevity or depth seen in Nintendo Land. Quick Draw is a 30-second cowboy showdown,  but it doesn’t have the replay value that’s found in Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, Mario Chase, and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion. Games like “Eating Contest” and “Milk” don’t have the depth and challenge of Donkey Kong’s Crash Course and Balloon Trip Breeze. Samurai Training, which is about catching your opponents’s sword, seems like a dull concept when compared to Takamaru’s Castle.

Some have compared 1 2 Switch to WarioWare, but it doesn’t have Ko Takeuchi’s colorful artwork and quirky characters. That’s what gave WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven so much charm and personality. In addition, it doesn’t have any Mii characters like Wii Sports, Wii Party, or Nintendo Land. It doesn’t have any iconic Nintendo characters or Nintendo themes like Mario Party, Fortune Street, or Amiibo Festival.

1 2 Switch is a compilation of tech demos cobbled together with very little thought on how they all fit together as a whole. There is no central, cohesive theme behind this mini-game compilation. Take a minute and think about past mini-game compilations over the years. Style Savvy had a fashion theme, Wii Fit had the fitness theme, Wii Sports had the sports theme, and Brain Age had the brain training theme. Wii Music and Rhythm Heaven Fever had the music theme. Nintendo Land’s theme was theme park attractions based on Nintendo characters.

What is the main theme that ties all of 12 Switch’s activities together as a package? Is it just weird for the sake of weird? Experimental for the sake of being experimental?

Finally, ask yourselves the following questions about 1 2 Switch.

  • Do I see myself playing most of these mini-games more than a few times each year?
  • How often would my friends/family want to play these mini-games?
  • Would my friends/family think most of these mini-games are too weird? (Example: Milk)
  • How many of these mini-games are fun to play without a friend?
  • If only one third of these mini games are great, then is it still worth the $50 price tag?
  • How many of these mini-games will get old and repetitive after a few plays? (Example: Quick Draw)

One thought on “Who is 1 2 Switch for?

  1. It definitely feels like the most tech demo of the “technology showcase games” Nintendo rolls out with launches of late. I thought about getting it just to have a fun multiplayer game, but the longer I think about it, the more I come to the same conclusion as you — am I really going to play this for 1-2hrs like I can with the 5 player Nintendoland games? I think if Nintendo took those games and reworked them for the Switch, I’d rather pay $50 for that (not saying they should charge that…)

    I’m hoping they saved some surprises because I’m starting to wonder if the pre-order will be worth it.


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